All in the Family...

Thanks Paul, It was a pleasure to be a part of photographing your family recently.
It was a great idea for your Christmas gifts.

Steven Warwick makes Eagle Scout !

Steven has been coming to our studio since he was 18 months old ! His family is really good at getting the children photographer yearly and we are always happy to see them.
Watching him grow up before our camera is the bittersweet part of Photography..Our families change and grow and the fingerprints on the wall get higher and higher....
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Leslie..This was a delightful session! So glad you remembered our studio from our Senior Portraits for your son in 2006 ! It is so good to see you again!I know these will work for your project and as an updated public relations portrait ! Thanks for your business !!

Eternal Rest unto His Soul O Lord, and may the perpetual Light shine upon him. May his soul and the soul of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God, Rest in peace, AMEN

Rudy Reyes
Very dear friends of our the Reyes family recently had their 1st family Portrait in 15 years. Margot was estatic and prepared and polished the children for this portrait 2 weeks ago. Rudy her husband was wanting to postpone it to the Fall, but Margot insisted on doing it before their oldest son went off to boarding school at Blessed Virgin Academy in Syracuse.

By the grace of God we made the portrait after 3 rain dates and within 48 hours of her picking up her 16x20 wall portrait, her husband suffered a horriffic brain stem stroke. He is in a coma.
He is fighting for his life.

Please pray earnestly for this desperate family.

All my love,
Katie ONeill

Felicity has a birthday !

If your portraits are not becoming to shoud be coming to US !

We are passionate about our childrens photography..
We are creative..
We are Inspired..
We are different..
We are your Portrait Studio for the times of your lives....

Grndmas pride and joy !!
Thanks Catherine for the Collage Collection you are giving to your folks. This was so much fun and I'm glad you were able to use the hand smocked dress your Sister made.These mementos will mean alot to the girls when they are older.

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Help to Wake Up America !

No to OBAMACARE !! Keep Gocernment hands off our healthcare !!

Baby Announcements...

Each baby portrait we have done brings back memories of when you first came in with Griffin 12 years ago!
A new Mom...the white gowns..
Thank you for having more babies !( it's good for our business! )